Are you a think tank, a progressive, electoral organization or a political group that wants to appeal to women voters? Or are you a woman running for elected office as a progressive? If yes to any or all these questions and your policy writings or political platforms don’t intentionally cast a gendered lens, I can help!

To win and include women in your positions, you need a person on your team who:

  • knows U.S. women’s history so your words convey expertise;
  • has knowledge of and experience in the U.S. legislative and political process so your policies meet constituents’ needs;
  • understands the challenges women from different sexual orientations, racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds face so you are aware one size doesn’t fit all;
  • carries out primary and secondary research on key issues so your policy positions are backed up with facts;
  • oversees focus groups and leads research so your facts are grounded in the specifics of your constituents’ concerns.

I can be your advocate for women’s economic, social, and political equality. I can provide you with legislative analysis, research, and policy development. Using a gendered lens, I can:

  • design questionnaires and conduct surveys
  • convene focus groups and stakeholders’ meetings
  • provide background briefings and analysis
  • prepare reports, fact sheets, issue memos, and position papers
  • Suggest policy options and make recommendations
  • Outline talking points for presentations and speeches